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When we meet

Sundays 11:00am
252 6th Street, Winkler MB
(Bergthaler Church Building)

Life Groups

Experiencing life together- Join a Life Group and start growing spiritually. We want to encourage each other is smaller groups more than just on Sunday mornings. No matter where you are in life, there’s a group that you can join and get encouragement in your daily walk with Christ. For more information contact us at

What's a LIFE GROUP?

A group of people from the church that are getting together in groups of 6-12 people on a regular basis to "do life" together.  It is an effective way for everyone to feel connected to the community at Pathway and to learn and grow in our faith together.

Is a LIFE GROUP a bible study?

It can be a Bible Study on any number of topics or it can prayer warriors, marriage study, collage and career, young adults, mom's book study or any type of a reason that believers may want to gather over a common interest to learn and grow in their faith in a supportive environment.