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The Happy Home

An exposition of Psalm 128 by Dr. Gus Konkel.

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What Not To Wear

Sometimes we get too comfortable wearing the "clothes" we want and not the ones God wants.  In this sermon we are reminded how God wants us to live our lives His way, not ours.

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The Empty Tomb


That’s why we celebrate Easter! The tomb, the grave, is empty! Jesus died on a cross; He was seen dead. Jesus was buried in a tomb, a burial cave, for three days and then He came back to life. He resurrected and walked out of that tomb leaving it empty?  So what do you do with an empty tomb? Tombs are for burial; tombs are for the dead, but what do you do with an empty tomb? More specifically, what do you do with Jesus’ empty tomb?


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Faithful & Fickle Friends


We’re a curious blend of saint and sinner, and there’s no getting around it.  We’re created in the image of God, yet forever marked by the stain of original sin.  The bad news is we can never measure up to the righteousness of God; the Good News is we can choose to be more God-like and, by God’s grace, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.


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The Bunker

Kevin Hildebrand and Don Cruicshank from the Bunker Youth Ministry, share with us about the Church reaching out and not neglecting the needs around us.

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Jonah: The Resentful Prophet

Jonah was so focused on justice. How could God spare such evil people? He was concerned with his own little vine and the comfort it brought him. God was concerned about the people. 

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Jonah: The Rebuking Prophet


If you’ve been with us these last few Sundays you’ll recall that we’ve seen that the Book of Jonah is more than a story about a man getting swallowed by a whale. The Book of Jonah is a four chapters long look into the struggle of Jonah - a real man - a prophet of God - the struggle of Jonah to allow God to be sovereign over his life. What Jonah struggles with touches the heart of what we struggle within our relationship with God - who is sovereign - God or us?


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Jonah: The Regretful Prophet

Thank you for tuning into Pathway Community Church podcast, this week Reese Friesen delivers a dramatic monologue of Jonah as he wrestles with God inside the whale. We believe it is God’s desire to encourage you to meet with him in a special way this week and if there is anything we can do to encourage you in your pursuit of God you can contact us at Please enjoy this presentation.

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Jonah: The Rebellious Prophet


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Peacock Dance


Do our charitable deeds exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees in Jesus' day, not only in quantity, but in the quality of our giving? May the Lord keep us free from the giving of hypocrites!


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Games People Play Questions

We answer some questions about the series Games People Play

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In Monopoly the goal is to do what you can to get what you want at the expense of others.  In life we tend to apply simiilar priciples, we want what we feel we are owed and move forward in the attempt to gain what we want.  In Monopoly our focus is on receiving in order to benefit our standing in the game, in life the life of a Christian we are to focus on love even to those who hurt us rather than seek what we feel would serve our need to feel better.  We need to focus on others rather than ourselves.

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Reese Friesen shares with us how we tend to choose "Truth" on our terms, but God sets the standard for "Truth" and we need to submit to God's Truth rather than our desires.

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Twister: Hebrews 12:1-2

Getting pulled in 100 different directions on a Twister mat is fine. But it’s not so fine when life feels like one big game of Twister—when you are tempted with all those things that according to 1 Corinthians 10:13 is common to man.

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Settlers of Catan


It is not easy to see ourselves and our life-style clearly, especially if there’s a conflict between what we know we are supposed to be and what we really are.  But growth begins discovering where we really are.  So I think it’s important to sketch out just what it means to be a settler and what it means to be a pilgrim, so that each of us will have a basis on which to judge the way we are really living.  Are we actually pilgrims or just settlers?


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Who Brought The Pie?

In the 13th chapter of Hosea we hear God crying out about all he has done for the people and how they have now forgotten him. God brought them out of Egypt, cared for them in the desert, fed them and now that they are satisfied they are proud and have forgotten everything God has done for them. When it comes to our money we do this all the time. 

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The Issachar Factor

This message invites the congregation to come along and join in the 5 fold strategy of Pathway Community Church:

Faithfulness to God, Unity of believers, commitment to Godliness, Teamwork, and a Radical commitment to our Great God.

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Come Awake


It is too easy to live in hopelessness when we see and feel dry bones all around us. But in the presence of God anything is possible - stay out of His way and watch as dry bones

rise up again in the presence of and by the power of God.


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The Road To Hell Is Paved With Bad Intentions

Reece Friesen challenges us to be authentic in our faith and worship with God and with each other.

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The setting is something of a courtroom drama – sort of a dialogue between God and the people. God was angry over the way His “CHOSEN PEOPLE” had been living and is bringing charges against them in court (so to speak). From this charge from God we are reminded of what the Lord requires of us.

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The Good And The Bad News About Jesus

On the surface - Christmas hardly seems "explosive". In fact it seems extremely innocent. How could something as gentle as a baby in a manger be threatening. I remember watching a Christmas pageant in my home church and seeing the host of angels crowd the balcony, the children dressed as sheep make their way to the front where Mary and Joseph and the baby were displayed.

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4 Things To Add To Your Christmas List

Christmas is a time for faith.

Christmas is a time for obedience.

Christmas is a time for telling others about Christ.

Christmas is a time for wonder and awe and worship.

Faith – obedience – telling others – and wonder.

4 more things for your Christmas list.


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Are You Where God Wants You?

Mary, the mother of Jesus.  It seems as if we Evangelicals tend to ignore Mary.  If we don’t ignore Mary, we often have a certain distrust, distance and disdain for her. What a blessing when anyone is a carrier of Christ within. No wonder the Bible says that she was the most blessed of all women.

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A People Prepared

John the Baptist hits the nail right on the head. To get ready for Christmas we must get ready for the Lord. When it comes to getting ready for Christmas, even God's people fall into the trap of thinking first of presents, parties, family get-togethers, lights, trees, and Santa.

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We hope you are blessed by this Biblical approach to understanding Church membership and the stories of those that have touched by Jesus and desire membership at Pathway.

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