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Twister: Hebrews 12:1-2

Getting pulled in 100 different directions on a Twister mat is fine. But it’s not so fine when life feels like one big game of Twister—when you are tempted with all those things that according to 1 Corinthians 10:13 is common to man.

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Settlers of Catan


It is not easy to see ourselves and our life-style clearly, especially if there’s a conflict between what we know we are supposed to be and what we really are.  But growth begins discovering where we really are.  So I think it’s important to sketch out just what it means to be a settler and what it means to be a pilgrim, so that each of us will have a basis on which to judge the way we are really living.  Are we actually pilgrims or just settlers?


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Who Brought The Pie?

In the 13th chapter of Hosea we hear God crying out about all he has done for the people and how they have now forgotten him. God brought them out of Egypt, cared for them in the desert, fed them and now that they are satisfied they are proud and have forgotten everything God has done for them. When it comes to our money we do this all the time. 

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The Issachar Factor

This message invites the congregation to come along and join in the 5 fold strategy of Pathway Community Church:

Faithfulness to God, Unity of believers, commitment to Godliness, Teamwork, and a Radical commitment to our Great God.

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Come Awake


It is too easy to live in hopelessness when we see and feel dry bones all around us. But in the presence of God anything is possible - stay out of His way and watch as dry bones

rise up again in the presence of and by the power of God.


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The Road To Hell Is Paved With Bad Intentions

Reece Friesen challenges us to be authentic in our faith and worship with God and with each other.

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The setting is something of a courtroom drama – sort of a dialogue between God and the people. God was angry over the way His “CHOSEN PEOPLE” had been living and is bringing charges against them in court (so to speak). From this charge from God we are reminded of what the Lord requires of us.

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The Good And The Bad News About Jesus

On the surface - Christmas hardly seems "explosive". In fact it seems extremely innocent. How could something as gentle as a baby in a manger be threatening. I remember watching a Christmas pageant in my home church and seeing the host of angels crowd the balcony, the children dressed as sheep make their way to the front where Mary and Joseph and the baby were displayed.

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4 Things To Add To Your Christmas List

Christmas is a time for faith.

Christmas is a time for obedience.

Christmas is a time for telling others about Christ.

Christmas is a time for wonder and awe and worship.

Faith – obedience – telling others – and wonder.

4 more things for your Christmas list.


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Are You Where God Wants You?

Mary, the mother of Jesus.  It seems as if we Evangelicals tend to ignore Mary.  If we don’t ignore Mary, we often have a certain distrust, distance and disdain for her. What a blessing when anyone is a carrier of Christ within. No wonder the Bible says that she was the most blessed of all women.

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A People Prepared

John the Baptist hits the nail right on the head. To get ready for Christmas we must get ready for the Lord. When it comes to getting ready for Christmas, even God's people fall into the trap of thinking first of presents, parties, family get-togethers, lights, trees, and Santa.

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We hope you are blessed by this Biblical approach to understanding Church membership and the stories of those that have touched by Jesus and desire membership at Pathway.

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The Ring Box: Where do you invest

The main lesson that must be developed in this passage concerns eternal life--how to obtain it. It is helpful to note first what does not obtain it--good works done without surrendering the will to the Lord. There is a place for good works of course--they will be the evidence of a living faith in the Lord. But salvation is by the grace of God; and without faith it is impossible to please God.

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Big Box

My dear friend, is there anything, any hindrance, that you are unwilling to give up to follow Jesus? You may not be wealthy, but if there is something you possess, or that possesses you, laying it down is a vital part of following the Master. He must have your all. And he calls gently to you: "Come, follow me."

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Shattered Dreams

Guest Speaker Terry Hiebert speaks to us about Shattered Dreams and where hope can be found.

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Guest speaker Ron Koleba challenges us to look at what Anger is and how to overcome it.

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Reese Friesen sharing with us about the Monster Bitterness and how to overcome it.

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Monster's Inc

Many believers have the attitude that just because they are saved and in the family of God, that now God is supposed to give them everything they ever dreamed of without any effort, or work or discipline on their part.  The fact is, it costs what it costs and it never goes on sale.

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Why You Do What You Do Matters


The compelling power, the love of Christ, was an obsession with Paul. In his ministry, service, in his walk and in everything, he was governed by this. The love of Christ manifested on the Cross of Calvary was a compelling force in his Christian service. Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ Paul had become a new creature, a new creation. “Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 


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Cambodia Report

Listen to a team that went out to Cambodia and be challenged as well as encouraged in your faith to find your own place to serve.  God has called us all to great things and nothing will bring the kind of joy to our lives as living within His will.

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What You Do Matters


What you do matters because it reflects more than you.  Part of our identity is acting out what we believe.  Our actions can have tremendous effects on people my encouragement to you this morning is to evaluate your life and see if what you do matches up with what you believe.  Do your actions match who you are in Christ, or has the identity theft ruled this area of your life too?


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Who You Are Matters

This is the first of three messages on regaining who we are as we stand before the throne of God. In this message we focus on "Who we are matters” because we so often feel as though we don’t.

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Explore Your Faith

Guest speaker Tim Houck challenges us to understand that faith without works is dead, and that we need to explore our faith to truly experience it.

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Taming the Tongue

The power of speech is one of the greatest powers God has given us. With the tongue, we can praise God, teach God’s Word and lead lost sinners to Jesus Christ. But with that same tongue we can tell lies that can ruin a reputation or break someone’s heart. The ability to articulate truth is one of the most powerful ways we influence others; and yet so often we take this ability for granted.

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Fear of Failure

Everyone is afraid of failing in some capacity.  Moses was too, join us as we look at the excuses Moses came up with not to go forward to fulfill what he was called to do and how God answered him.

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