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When we meet

Sundays 11:00am
252 6th Street, Winkler MB
(Bergthaler Church Building)

Kids Church

What is Kid's Church?

KidsZone is Pathway Community Church’s children’s ministry.  It runs on Sunday mornings during the service and is designed to be a highly active, fun learning experience for the students.  KidsZone is for children from ages 3-10. Children aged 3-5 encounter Lil’ K an interactive Sunday school experience with activity stations, teaching time and Bible memorization.  Students aged 6-10 have fun experiencing Jonny Rogers in his adventure based curriculum complete with in-depth teaching, quizzes and Bible memorization.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do I have to sign my child(ren) in/out?

We have you sign your child(ren) in so that we can provide a safe and secure area for the childre.  WE also have you sign them out that 75 children are not rushing out the door and up the stairs at the same time.  We want to make sure all children safety get to their parents

Where do I go?

When Kid's Church is announced you'll have to sign your child(ren) in downstairs.

Age 3 to K - Will go to the dressing rooms to the far right side of the basement

Grade 1-6 - Will enter the large area just beyond the sign in table

What will my child(ren) be doing?

Age 3-K: Will be doing some group signing, they will have a 15min video lesson and then they will go into smaller groups to do crafts, games and so on.  As many of these children ask for snack we have implemented a snack time.  Each child will get a booklet to take home the first Sunday and they should bring this every week.  We are also encouraging you to try to help your child(ren) learn some simple verses.

If you are a regular attender of Pathway we require that 1 parent for each Group to sign up for helping.  There are teachers in the class but as they are younger they require more help.  This parent will also bring a snack for 12 children that is easy to serve and peanut free.  The snack can be very small and simple like crackers or grapes.  Each parent will need to sign up for at least 2 Sundays. 

Grade 1-6: Will be learning verses and each child will have a booklet that needs to come back to church with them each week.  We would like to help them earn rewards for memorization and for bringing their Bibles with them.  We will have a 15-20 minute video and the each small group will do games and activities that work out the lesson learned.  We are doing "What's in the Bible" this year.  To learn more about this you can go to to see games and activities that work with the material and you can also visit to see what your children will be learning.

Why do we take offering?

We take an offering that helps start the learning process in returning a tithe to God.  We use all the offering from Kid's Church and donate it directly to the children's program that our missionaries Rudy and Nits in the Philippines are involved with. 

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

Pastor Harold Espinosa is available by email at or you can find him most Sunday's downstairs at the sign in and out table.

This year's church administrator is Janet Haslam

Can I help?

If you are a regular attender at Pathway and you wish to get involved with Kid's Church then please click here